What is Pyrolytic self-cleaning?

The Pyrolytic self-cleaning function makes scrubbing the oven a thing of the past. With the touch of a button, you can reduce the food deposits and grease in your oven to ash, waiting to be simply wiped away.

While you relax, or plan your next recipe, your Neff oven does the hard work, setting the temperature to the blistering 485°C, allowing you to avoid the usage of chemical cleaners, which can be harmful to your health and food. It is important to note that this function is not intended for regular use, but rather for deep-cleans carried out every 6-12 months.

All of our Pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens also come equipped with EasyClean: an efficient cleaning aid which is ideal for when a full Pyrolytic cycle isn’t required. EasyClean is perfect for lightly soiled pans and both functions are completely safe thanks to the safety measures put in place.

There are also three cleaning programmes part of Pyrolytic cleaning to choose from depending on the intensity of cleaning you require