Off The Rails 1024 683 Broadoak

Off The Rails

While this Kitchen is sleek, clean and fuss free, its also packed with beautiful details. The chosen door colour is Matt White Porter and the accent Rail is brushed Aluminium,…

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Hello Herringbone 1024 683 Broadoak

Hello Herringbone

This Classical 1909 Kitchen has a modern twist with its flat centre panel. A choice of tall units in Cashmere colour and an Island of Suede doors gives a warm…

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Awash With Light 1024 683 Broadoak

Awash With Light

Mr & Mrs F from Sunderland wanted to open up their kitchen so decided to

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Shades of Grey 1024 683 Broadoak

Shades of Grey

Choosing two colours for your kitchen is visually pleasing and also lightens the overall feel.

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Iroko Island 1024 683 Broadoak

Iroko Island

Adding an extension gave Mr & Mrs N from Teal Farm a large space for their new 

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Wooden It Be Nice. 1024 683 Broadoak

Wooden It Be Nice.

Having a wish list worked out very well for Mr & Mrs B from Low Fell. Among the list were

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Graphite Delight 1024 683 Broadoak

Graphite Delight

It’s always a worry that choosing a dark door will create a dark Kitchen. This hasn’t been the case for this Kitchen.

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A Niche Bathroom 1024 683 Broadoak

A Niche Bathroom

Making the most of available space is of utmost importance, especially in a Bathroom. Mr & Mrs H’s Bathroom previously had a

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On A Grand Scale 1024 683 Broadoak

On A Grand Scale

The scale of Mr & Mrs W’s room required a bold statement when it came to the Kitchen. The open plan living room,

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Second Nature, Porter, Quartz, Quick-step, white metro tiles
Dramatic Simplicity 1024 683 Broadoak

Dramatic Simplicity

From the moment Mr & Mrs H walked through our doors, they knew which direction their new kitchen would take.

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