First Class Kitchens
On A Grand Scale 1024 683 Broadoak

On A Grand Scale

The scale of Mr & Mrs W’s room required a bold statement when it came to the Kitchen. The open plan living room,

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Stylish Stone 1024 683 Broadoak

Stylish Stone

A Stylish mix of Morington Stone & Absolute Marbled White Quartz are brought together in this fabulous kitchen.

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Second Nature, Porter, Quartz, Quick-step, white metro tiles
Dramatic Simplicity 1024 683 Broadoak

Dramatic Simplicity

From the moment Mr & Mrs H walked through our doors, they knew which direction their new kitchen would take.

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Second Nature, Mornington Beaded Stone, Breakfront, Neff, Quartz Worksurface
Timeless 1024 683 Broadoak


Mr & Mrs P wanted to keep their existing flooring, so the new kitchen had to sit with-in the same blueprint.

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Time For A Change 1024 683 Broadoak

Time For A Change

Mr & Mrs A were looking to relocate the kitchen, so we swapped the

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Floored by the Spaniards 1024 683 Broadoak

Floored by the Spaniards

A eclectic mix of textures, colours and patterns have come together to create a stunning Kitchen

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From the Darkness 1024 683 Broadoak

From the Darkness

When Mr & Mrs R acquired their home, the previous owners had

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In The Frame 1024 683 Broadoak

In The Frame

Carol & Shaun’s love of the family shines through with picture frames of happy memories throughout the

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Oak Accents 1024 683 Broadoak

Oak Accents

Adding the warm natural texture of Oak to this Milbourne Stone Kitchen has proved highly successful.

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Mountain Mist Waterfall 1024 683 Broadoak

Mountain Mist Waterfall

Its not an exotic location, its the Colour and edging on Mrs L’s beautiful Silestone work-surface.

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